Dignity Every Day

Improving wellbeing for women and girls across the world

Liita Iyaloo Cairney

Managing Director


Find out more about Kalitasha and our mission

Founded by Dr. Liita Cairney in 2015, Kalitasha is a visionary company that is dedicated to bringing dignity to women everyday. We do this by applying common sense and ingenuity to the everyday problems associated with the health and wellbeing of women and girls across the world.

Our first product, the Koree, is a great example of this. A unique, ergonomically designed, externally worn, re-usable feminine hygiene product which we believe will go along way in solving period poverty across the globe. Read more about the Koree below.



A beautifully designed and unique feminine hygiene product that is externally worn and re-usable

Our Koree kits are aimed at adolescent girls and created to give them the physical and psychological security they need everyday of their period. Our Koree shell is made of high-grade biologically safe silicon that fits beautifully around the female pubic area. The washable pads are soft and very absorbent, giving girls the peace of mind they seek during menstruation.

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The Koree Case
Our silicon zip pouch contains an inner pouch to store you used pads
Sideview of the Koree Case
The Koree's silicon zip pouch
The soft, washable pad can be used for up to 12 months, making it very cost effective
The Koree pad, shell & case
The Koree Shell is made of silicon and designed to fit securely around your pubic area, giving you maximum protection. Use it for up to five years.
The Koree, case, shell & pad
The soft, washable pad, fits snugly onto the Koree shell, giving you long lasting protection